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Develop their visual tracking and help them feel confident in their environment with one simple mirror.

With a sustainably-sourced beech plywood frame and child-safety glass, our mirror can be used from birth. Lie your baby next to it, before they learn to keep their head in the centreline, to help them navigate their new world.

Including a hardwood bar across the centre, which can be used at three heights, it can then be used as an anchor to help your infant when they are learning to stand.

Your toddler will also enjoy looking at themselves in it when they are developing self-awareness and language.

The mirror is available in two sizes: 

SMALL (65 x 65cm)

LARGE (65x 125cm)

It is also available in two finishes:

NATURAL| No lacquer for you to finish or paint as you wish, or leave raw for a scandi look

PROTECTED |Clear lacquer to help protect the wood (recommended)


NIDO TIP | Secure it safely to the wall at floor-level and lay your baby next to it, so they can scan around the room. This will make them feel confident when they are ready to move.